Our Natural, Water Birth Story

So my baby is 4 months old and I’ve been wanting to write her birth story down since…well, since she was born! I figured I needed to go ahead and do it now since mommy brain is in full swing. And I thought ‘What better place to do so’?!

When Lee & I got married, we decided not to wait very long before we started trying to get pregnant. And by not waiting long, I mean we got married in November 2011 and started trying that Christmas. We both kind of assumed it would take us until the summer of 2012…yeah, about that. By the middle of March we were pregnant! YAY!

We decided early on that we wanted a natural birth and didn’t want to deliver at a hospital which I’m sure I’ll blog about in the future.

So fast forward to November 2012. My due date is 11/25/12 and we can’t wait!  We finished our Bradley Method birth classes in September & we’re one of the last couples to have their baby (can you say impatient!?)

Happy Due Date to me!

As excited as we were, we knew that only about 5% of women give birth on their due dates so we waited patiently. I had sporadic contractions, nothing major and we were trying hard not to freak out every time I felt something. Honestly, at first, I couldn’t even tell if I was contracting or if Baby A was just moving…

4:30am Nov. 30th — I haven’t slept through the night in a week but I can’t fall back asleep this time because every 10 minutes or so, I get really uncomfortable. I go and lay on the couch thinking I could relax out there. Around 6, it hit me. Could this really be it?! I wake up Lee to tell him that I’m getting in the shower because I think today is the day but I start to notice back pain, which is getting worse with each contraction. And they seem to be getting closer together. 1 intense contraction, then 2 minutes later 1 less intense contraction. Then about 6 minutes later, same thing!

10 am — Our midwife, Marcia, at Natural Beginnings Birth Center says we could come in and she’ll check me to see how far I’ve dilated….which wasn’t much at all. Like 1.5 cm. Do you know how small 1.5 cm is? It’s like a Peanut M&M. ONE Peanut M&M. Barely big enough for a baby’s finger to fit through….just sayin.

Pretty small, right?

So they send us home and tell me to relax, eat, walk, shower, nap. Everything we’ve learned in our childbirth classes. So we did. Emotionally, I was devastated….feeling pretty let down because we did get our hopes up but excited because we knew Aymen was coming at some point. I probably slept for about an hour and walked for 3. I’m guessing that I made about 500 laps around the inside of our house. Lee was amazing, of course and was coaching me through most of it. Some of my closest friends from college, Tara & Shannon, were there too. When they took over, Lee was furiously putting up shelves in the nursery. I think he was getting the nervous energy out, it was cute.

Marcia figured out that Aymen Grace was posterior which was causing back labor. She had me lay in different positions during my contractions to help turn baby girl around and that helped alot!! We also figured out that’s why my contractions were piggybacking.

5 pm — We go back in to be checked & talk about what needs to happen. Going back the 2nd time was so much worse, I was in a lot of pain and I didn’t want to be let down again. So we get to the birth center and we’re sitting in the car and I can’t move. I was already so exhausted. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. I didn’t think I could face disappointment again. Then a song came on the radio.

I hope you took the time to listen. Especially the lyrics ‘This is the first day of the rest of your life’…powerful. Read (in more detail) about how meaningful this song was to our labor/delivery here.

It gave me the will to get out of the car and walk through the doors. But apparently, not the will to dilate, haha. I was only 3 cm!!!!!!!!

Marcia suggested that I take a shot of morphine/phenegren which would relax me enough to let my cervix catch up with where my body was in the labor process. Basically, it knocked me out in between contractions. She assured me that it would be fully out of my system before I was in active labor so I would still have a natural birth. Count me in, ha!

Blurry picture but what a GOOD NAP!!

9:30pm — moment of truth. If I wasn’t in ‘active labor’ (5cm or more) then I would either have to go home (not happening!!) or go to the hospital (definitely NOT happening!!). After a great 4 hour nap, I had to be like 8 cm right?! WRONG. I was 4cm but Marcia stretched me to 5cm and bam! I was in active labor. YEAH!

Except I was still napping, haha!!

11:45 pm — Marcia woke me up so I could start walking laps around the birth center to get things going again.

Midnight — Everyone sings Happy Birthday to me!! YAY, Baby A is coming on my birthday!! Marcia gives me a dose of black cohosh and blue cohosh to speed up my contractions. You can read about the using cohosh to induce labor here. By 12:15, my contractions were speeding up!

2:30/2:45am ish — Not too sure about the details around this time because things progressed super fast and I was in full on active labor!! Like I was delirious at this point. Like falling asleep every few minutes & waking up talking about my dreams. Then I heard the glorious sound of the birthing tub being filled with water! Yeah water birth!

3:40 am — BABY A ARRIVES!!! 7lb, 1oz 19.5 in. After only 20 minutes of pushing, our sweet, sweet girl was finally here!!!!

7:30am — We are home!! One of the best things about the birth center is we got to go home a few hours after giving birth! I can’t tell you how awesome it was to be in our own bed that same day.

I have to say that I was so excited about our choice to have a natural birth and we did it!!! I definitely couldn’t have done it without Lee. He was my rock, my motivator, and my punching bag (ok, just once in the car…but it turns out he was right about something so I repented later). The pain was horrible. It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced but there was not a point during the whole thing where I thought I couldn’t do it naturally. I just knew I could do it! And now we have such a sweet, beautiful, awesome daughter!! 100% worth the pain =)



I have to say kudos to you for doing it all natural! I knew ahead of time that wasn’t for me and I got an epidural about 4 hours into my contractions! (I had been given pitocin so my contractions started fast & close together immediately) Great birth story! Thanks for linking up with Mommy Mondays!

Molly Bronson

Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without the support of my husband…he was the best coach ever. No one in either family had ever had a natural birth so no one really thought I could do it. I’m pretty stubborn so I knew that if all else failed, I’d go through with it to prove them wrong, haha!


Thank you for sharing your story Molly, I definitely want to come to you whenever I get pregnant because I have soooo many questions about having a natural water birth. It is something I’ve been interested in for awhile now, but everyone has always tried to talk me out of it. Jamie is the only person I’ve talked to about it who has supported me wanting to do it. I have had one friend tell me it is too risky, and others who have said it would be gross because you sit in your own “goo”, I would love to be able to shut them all up with your awesome story!

Jen B

Thanks for linking up to Mommy Mondays! I love birth stories!! I had my first natural and it was one of the best experiences of my life! I have never felt stronger and more empowered. Really it was an amazing experience. Unfortunately my second labor was significantly longer than my first and I was not as mentally prepared, but I had another healthy baby so I guess I can’t complain too much 🙂

Deedra Martinez

This is a great story. My husband and I got married and March of 2008 and we thought it would take a while for us to have a baby too. Turns out we got good news that November and she was born August 2009. We talked about having a baby girl 2 weeks into dating, I already had 2 boys. Its great how things work out.


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