Mommy Matters Monday: Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

 To all the mother’s out there, I hope this post finds you feeling appreciated, rested, and feeling extremely special because well, you are!

I know I’m not the only one posting this but my Mother’s Day was fantastic!! Lee & Aymen Grace are the absolute best husband/daughter a gal can ask for =)

Since both my mother & mother in law are at the beach this weekend, it was just the 3 of us celebrating today!

We started with snuggles & breakfast in bed…

During which Lee brought me orange roses (because they looked springy) and a video he created that put all of my pregnancy & birth pictures together in a slide show!! Talk about tears! Lee & I were both boo-hooing. Don’t you love a man who’s not afraid to cry?!

My other present that I accidentally opened earlier last week!

Then Mommy got to take a shower (with the radio on, not the baby monitor, haha!) and we got ready to go to a late lunch at P.F. Chang’s (one of mommy’s favorites!). We got reservations for 3 pm thinking we would miss the after church lunch crowd & miss the dinner crowd and we were right! We were sat almost immediately (we were able to snap a few pics!)

Then we went shopping at Target for a few baby must haves and headed home. All in all it was very peaceful, relaxing, and wonderful!! I love my little family so much! God truly has blessed me more than I deserve.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

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Jen B

that sounds so fun! i spent mothers day on a road trip in the car on the way to flordia (not as exciting as it might sound…) Oh well!


Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and I just had to say how sweet it is when a guy isn’t afraid to cry! Sounds like you have a real keeper and a homemade video nothing beats that:) I find it funny that most of us moms were really excited for good find i.e. my amazing sandwich and your P.F. Changs apparently we don’t get out too much, lol!

Shanna from


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