Flat Tummies & Discounts UPDATE

About 10 days ago, I introduced you to Fit2B Studio and told you how awesome the program was for getting rid of postpartum mommy pooches! I started a 2 week challenge with some of the other members that is ending soon and I want to update you on my progress!


06/03 – 
Belly Button 35.5″
Natural Waist 30.5″
06/25 – 
Belly Button 33.5″
Natural Waist 30″
Hips 37.5″ 
07/02 –
Belly Button 32.5″
Natural Waist 29″
Hips 37″
As you can see, in one month I’ve lost 2″ around my belly button & 1.5″ around my waist. Plus, 1/2″ on my hips in just 1.5 weeks of the challenge I’m doing. ALL WITHOUT A SINGLE CRUNCH!! 
The workouts are completely TummySafe and were designed for mommies to be & postpartum mommies. Bethany Learn, the founder, has such a passion for Diastasis Recti Awareness and she’ll teach you a lot that you might not have known before about your tummy.
These are my before/during pictures of the 2 week challenge. The first one, taken on 06/25 is zoomed in a little more but I can tell that there’s more definition in the top part of my stomach. The pictures aren’t the greatest but I did the best I could one-handed with my phone, haha! Both of these pictures were taken in a resting position of my tummy (not sucking in, not sticking out).
One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is how to strengthen & control my Transverse Abdominus muscle. Strengthening & tightening this muscle is what helps you get rid of the mommy pooch. Your TA is your ‘God-given girdle’ as Bethany calls it because it wraps around from your lower back on one side of your body to the other. 
Here’s a great picture showing the different layers of your abdominal wall and then pointing out where the TA is.

 You see that the TA is layered UNDER your other abdominal muscles. So it’s logical that if you tighten & strengthen that muscle, that underneath layer, then it won’t push out the other abdominal muscles as much.

Next time I take pictures, I’ll be sure to show the TA engaged & resting.

Take a few minutes and browse the Fit2B Studio website and sign up for the complimentary workout video “Totally Transverse.” All you have to do is enter your email on the left sidebar of the main webpage and they’ll send the video link to you! 

If you decided to join, make sure you use the code “faithfulff” to receive a 3-month membership for only $20! That’s $10 off which is the same as a FREE MONTH of membership! We would love to have you join our community.

Let me know in the comments if you join and I’ll add you to the Member Forum Facebook Group (where we’re doing the 2 week challenge!) and you can interact with other Fit2B mommas!!

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