Mommy Matters Monday: Daily Schedule

It’s so hard to believe that Aymen Grace will be 8 months old next week! Seriously, where has the time gone?!
One thing she has really been good at is putting herself on a schedule. We started out pretty relaxed about her routine & I’ve taken my cues from her. We’ve hardly had to work with her to get her on a schedule. She’s always been a great & regular nursing baby (every 2 hours up until a few weeks ago….now it’s closer to every 2.5/3 hours) and she’s been a pretty good sleeper.
When she was about 5.5 months old, she got sick for the first time & that completely threw her off. That was about the only time we’ve had to really work with her to get her back onto a schedule. Her sleeping habits were affected the most. While she was sick, she started waking up every 2-3 hours at night to nurse. We were used to her sleeping 5-6 hours at a time and it was hard for a few weeks! At her 6 month appointment, her pediatrician suggested we do some modified sleep training to get her back in a good sleeping pattern. We did & IT HAS BEEN WONDERFUL! 
I will write a detailed post about it in the future but let me just say that while the first night was hard, Aymen was adjusted by the third night and has been having at least an 8 hour chunk of sleep ever since then!! 8 hours, at least, EVERY NIGHT! *cue the Hallelujah chorus* That was much better than her 5-6 hour chunk!
Like I said, I’ve taken my cues from her as far as naptime & daily routine. It looks a little something like this:
-Bathtime between 8pm & 8:30pm
-Nursing/Family Bible Time
-Fall asleep between 8:30 & 9pm
-Wake up to Nurse between 5:30 & 6am
-Fall back asleep until about 9am (Mommy stays awake and gets started on her to-do…after coffee time!)
-Nurse around 10
-More playtime/helping Mommy work
-Naptime (can happen before or after nursing) for about an hour
-Lunchtime with Daddy
-More playtime/helping Mommy work/running errands
-Nurse about 2
-Afternoon nap around 4
-Bathtime between 8pm & 8:30pm
Her naps can vary but she will take at least 2 during the day. Sometimes, she waits and takes one closer to dinner time (which gives Mommy & Daddy some valuable alone time to eat together!) Even when that happens, she’s in bed asleep by 9pm!
We’ve been very blessed to have a baby who has put herself on a pretty solid routine but we’ve also been very intentional about not stressing out about having every minutes planned. I’m not really a Type A personality so if I make a schedule with set times (i.e. this has to happen at this time every day), it usually doesn’t get done & then I’m pretty hard on myself for not sticking to it. So it’s definitely better for us to have a general schedule where things need to happen around a certain time of the day but not really stress about specific times. 
So, what does your schedule look like?

Was it easy or difficult to get your little one(s) in a routine?

Are you a rigid scheduler or a flexible one?
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