Mommy Matters Monday: Reunited

..and it feels so good! You’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head 😉

I bit the bullet last week & traveled alone, sans baby girl, all by myself (a new song for your head!) for 5 days!

Logically, I assumed everything would fall apart the second I got on the plane. My little girl is so full of surprises!! Every time I talked to my husband and asked “How is Aymen Grace?!” his answer was “Perfect! She’s not fussy & she’s sleeping/napping like a boss.” Umm, excuse me?! What do you mean she’s not crying non-stop, refusing to take a bottle, and she didn’t learn to say “mama” as in “maaaaaamaaaaa why did you leave me?!”

I jest, of course. I was really proud of little missy and her behavior!! Not bad for a 7.5 month old…but there was a small part of me that smiled when Lee said that on Saturday that she cried so much, he had to leave his friend’s wedding reception only to have her fall asleep in the parking lot of the church and nap for over an hour at home. I think he finally gets it!

Being a stay at home mom is tough, not because every day is full of tears & spills but because every minute of your day is focused on your child.
“Is she fed?”
“Is she happy?”
“Is there anything on the floor that doesn’t need to be in her mouth?”
“Where did that come from & why is she licking it?” “Doesn’t she get tired of my face?”
“She’s happy, do I have enough time to pee by myself?”
“Seriously??!! She was perfectly content until I got on the phone.”
“Is it nap time yet?!?!”

Please know that I love my daughter & I love being able to stay at home with her but it’s not the easy choice. It’s not the easy life. I’m not in sweat pants, laying on the couch, eating bon bons all day, people!!! Confession: I am in sweat pants most of the time … just not eating bon bons. Unless you want to send me some. Just sayin’

At Baggage Claim…Aymen Grace brought me flowers!
She really missed my jewelry…instant toys!
My ‘Welcome Home’ sign in the kitchen.

So tell me, how old was your little one when you left for the first time overnight?
SAHM, give me your best tips for not ripping your hair out!

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Jen B

Mom’s Morning Out is my saving grace. Really. I need alone time and me time- even if its just to take a shower and clean the house. She’d go once a week or once every other week or so back in GA. Although errands or doctors appointments are typically what take place during this time. In GA we found a great one at the church down the street and now in SC our church has a program- perfect. Also, I first left Phoebe overnight (only for a weekend trip) when she was 5 1/2 months old. I loved every second of it

Stacey Gannett

Mommy time is so wonderful and oh so needed. I think with my first, who is almost 20, his first overnight was with Grandma. But the first time I left him, was for a week long cruise that I won through work, and he was five. Then at nine he would travel alone to see his dad for the summer, a not very responsible dad at that. Thankfully his grandparent were close.
Thanks so much for linking up for This Momma’s Meandering Mondays! Have an amazing rest of the week!


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