Mommy Matters Monday: Vacation

Happy Monday! I hope this post finds you well. I’m a little late getting this post up but I’m on vacation, so I’m relaxing my schedule a bit =)

I could get used to this view!

Lee & I travel to Surfside Beach, SC every year for a week with his family. It’s so nice to see everyone and catch up. It’s even sweeter this year since we have Aymen Grace with us. Everyone was looking forward to meeting her (most of them live in PA) but it’s bittersweet since Lee’s father tragically passed away in 1995.

As first time parents we’ve learned that these good times have come with a small price: traveling. with an 8 month old. who decided that she hated her car seat about 3 hours before we could check into our condo.

Our trip started off pleasantly enough. We’ve always been early travelers so we had the car packed & ready to go when Aymen Grace woke up for her morning feeding (6:15amish). Once she was finished, we stuck her in the car seat and headed out. She did really well in the car!

We decided to go walk around Tanger Outlets once we got into Myrtle Beach since we needed to stretch our legs. That took about an hour & it was starting to get hot. We didn’t have room to pack her regular stroller so all we had was the umbrella stroller & it didn’t have a sun shade. We got back in the car & headed South and all heck broke loose in the backseat!!

We figured we would be able to check in early so we stopped off at the reality office around 1:30, only to be told that check-in was at 3 and not before. We grabbed lunch only & there really wasn’t anything else we could do except go back & wait at the reality office. At 2:55, I got in line so we could get our keys. Thank the Lord!! We were on our way to the condo.

So with a fussy baby in tow, we pull up to the condo only to realize that there is no parking. And by no parking, I mean NO PARKING left at the building, which was crammed between 2 other buildings…both of which had no parking. We circled a few times trying to figure out what we were going to do. At this point, we were tired, a little delirious, and definitely ready to get our screaming baby out of the car. Some angelic man tapped on our window at one point, asked if we were staying here, and said there was a pick-up about to leave & he would go stand in the spot until we could park there. THANK YOU MAN WE’VE NEVER MET FOR SAVING OUR SANITY!!!

We got up to our room & collapsed on the couch. As we were recovering, we realized that being 10 driving minutes away from his family meant we would be going to their place once or twice a day and would have to wait for parking once or twice a day. Plus, we got upstairs to realize that the Pack N Play would not fit in the bedroom & would have to go in the living room. That meant everyone’s bedtime would be 8:30pm. Yeah.

We were pleasantly surprised that Garden City Reality, Inc. had caring and compassionate managers who worked quickly to switch us to another condo at no extra charge. And we seriously got upgraded since our new place is oceanfront, not oceanview, and it’s a 2-bedroom, 2 bath!!! YES! HALLELUJAH, THERE ARE STILL NICE PEOPLE OUT THERE!

Even though it was a rough start to our vacation, we’ve had so much fun already with Aymen Grace out on the beach & in the pool. We already wish we were here longer than a week but we’re grateful for the vacation & the rest, relaxation, and blessings it has already provided!

Micah 7:19

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Oh man that sounds stressful, I know driving with an uphappy baby in the car is NOT fun and creates a lot of stress for the driver! It’s so awesome you got upgraded for free though! I love the cute pics of her on the beach, too! Thanks for linking up!

Jen B

OH man… traveling with kids is def different. I love my girls but sometimes I miss being able to go to the beach and relax and sleep in. Oh well. Amazing that you got prime parking AND a better room!


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