Think of Me: Pledge to NOT Text & Drive

Keep your kids safe!

We live in such a fast paced world where information, news stories, emails, and status updates are literally a swipe/click away. We rely so heavily on the instant gratification of technology that we consider it rude when our peers don’t text/email/message us back almost instantly. This is one of the many reasons that texting while driving has become such a HUGE issue. Sadly, it’s not just a social issue, it’s a deadly one.

Did you know that in 2011, 23% of all automobile accidents involved the use of a cell phone? That’s 1.3 million accidents!

Did you know that using your cell phone in any capacity while driving increases your risk of an accident?
-Talking/Listening = 1.3X more risk
-Reaching for your device = 1.4X more risk
-Dialing = 2.8X more risk

You are 23 times MORE LIKELY to wreck your car while texting. Ask yourself, is the message worth it? Can it wait?

While it seems to be an issue with the younger generation of drivers, 27% of adults have admitted to texting while driving. 15% of young drivers have seen their parents text while driving. 48% of kids age 12-17 have been in the car while the driver was texting. It might be easy to think the problem is with teen drivers but the solution starts with us parents! If our kids don’t see us texting while driving, then they won’t think that it’s ok!

Did you know that texting while driving is ILLEGAL in 39 states plus in D.C.? So by texting and driving with our kids in the car, not only are we letting them know that it’s ok to put ourselves & other drivers at risk but we’re telling them it’s ok to break the law.

I invite each of you to talk with your kids (especially those that are driving) about the dangers of texting while driving. But don’t just talk. Be the example of safe driving that they need to see.

Please consider visiting Cree & Scooter ‘Think of Me’ pledge page & pledging to not text while driving with your kids in the car. Their lives depend on it!

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Statistics in this post were provided by Texting & Driving Statistics.

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Glenda Cates

Great post and one I know more of us parents should read. I know in my family my sister and nephew do this and you would think they would not since we lost my daughter to a car accident but they do not think it could happen to them. Which I Pray it doesn’t but you just never know what God has in store for us.

Molly Bronson

Glenda, thank you for commenting! I felt very convicted to write this post because I’m guilty of texting while driving but it’s just not worth my daughter’s life or mine or anyone else’s that could be out on the road!!



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