Cree & Scooter October Book Tour

I received the eBook copy of Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes in exchange for an honest review.
Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes in British Columbia
The Adventures of Cree and Scooter: A Global Series
By: Tammy Sutton-Brown

About the story:
Today, I want to introduce you to Cree and Scooter. They are a pair of best friends who travel the world learning all about various languages, cultures, and having fun!

Cree is an adventurous little girl who is given a stuffed chameleon by her brother. Little did she know that she now has a new best friend to go on adventures with. Cree is excited to go on a trip with her family to British Columbia and falls asleep anticipating what the next day would hold for her. She dreams that Scooter wakes up and they travel to Canada together. They spend the day learning all about Canadian culture including how tot speak basic French words, how to ski, and a little bit about the geography of the province of British Columbia.

I really enjoyed reading the first (and only…for right now) book in this series! I found the book to be cute, fun, and educational. Having the characters travel around the world is a great way to get kids excited about learning! At the end of the book I found myself thinking “I wish my daughter was older!” That way, she could start learning some French!! I guess it’s never too early to start.

Cree and Scooter will:

      Aid in the development of global-minded kids, which will navigate their minds with Cree and Scooter through the crevices of each continent

      Expose kids to the things they wouldn’t normally get from standard schooling

      Stimulate kids worldly curiosity

      Take kids on global journey

      Enable kids to learn different languages, foods, cultures, history, landmarks and geography

      Promote excitement on the curious minds of kids

      Enable kids to travel the world without leaving their home, school, city, or country

      Educate without kids knowing they are learning

      Ignite a passion for kids to learn not only about their cultures but other cultures

About the Author, Tammy Sutton-Brown:

WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) veteran and two-time All Star, Tammy Sutton-Brown was born in Ontario, Canada. Being a professional basketball player has opened Tammy’s world to experience a host of different countries and cultures.

Tammy believes that exposure to various culture, languages, traditions, and values enhances the quality of life. Her passion for travel and learning about what different countries and cultures have to offer is the inspiration behind Cree and Scooter. “My vision is to implement global education at an early age through Cree and Scooter. I want kids to be able to travel around the world without leaving the comfort of their home, school, city or country, engaging their imagination and sparking their interests.”

“When you read, your world opens up. I want to encourage early literacy for kids, ignite a love for travel and exploration and form an appreciation for the world we live in, its languages, cultures and history. It is my belief that global exposure will enhance the lives of others beginning with our kids. Our world has changed and is continuing to change with the people from all around the world playing and living together, as well as attending the same schools. Kids will be in good hands with Cree and Scooter.“

“READ TODAY, LEAD TOMORROW” – Tammy Sutton-Brown

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