Using the Internet to Earn Rewards: Week 3

Using the Internet to Earn Rewards: Week 3

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If you are a social media maven, then you’ll love this week’s featured way to earn rewards online. And you can earn the best reward out there — cash! =)

SponsoredTweets is a way for you to utilize your Twitter account and tweet short advertisements for a variety of companies. You set your price per tweet (Sponsored Tweets will give you a suggestion based on your followers and how many previous clicks you have once you start tweeting ads) and then the offers will come to you.

SponsoredTweets is so easy! They send you an email when you have a new offer and you have a specified amount of time to accept or decline the offer and compose your tweet. You can choose how you want to disclose that your tweet is sponsored (options like ‘#ad,’ ‘sponsored’, etc). Each offer will have certain elements that must be tweeted but you can write the rest in your own words. Usually, things like the company’s Twitter handle and a few specific hashtags have to be tweeted.

They send your tweet to the company for approval and then once it’s approved, they tweet it for you. This helps a lot because you don’t have to remember to go back and tweet the ad. I really like the control they give you to accept/decline offers of your choosing and what is said in the tweets!

This is such an easy way to earn money. I’ve been using SponsoredTweets for a few weeks now and I’ve already earned close to $25! Withdraws are made from your account and sent to your PayPal account. There’s no fee if your withdraw amount is $50 or greater, anything less is charged $2 per withdraw. I’m already halfway to $50!

Sign up is quick and easy so click here to get started today —>

This is NOT a sponsored post, however, I will earn money for each referral so thank you in advance! =)

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