3 Easy & Natural Steps to Treat Dandruff

Confession: I have dry, sensitive skin. I always have. Along with that comes occasional bouts of dandruff (which doesn’t necessarily come from just having dry skin but I always get it along my hair line when my face is especially dry). Instead of spending lots of money on chemically-charged treatment shampoos & conditioners that I wouldn’t use all the time, I spent a few days last week researching natural ways to combat my dry scalp problem.

I found plenty of ways to treat dandruff, the three I’m discussing just happened to include natural ingredients that I already had in my house!

Step #1 Epsom Salt Scalp Massage
-Before showering, take a few handfuls of Epsom Salt and vigorously massage the problem areas of your scalp. This feels so good that you might just want to massage your whole head! The thick grains of Epsom Salt will exfoliate your dead, flaky skin. By breaking up all those flakes, the Epsom Salt massage essentially gets your scalp ready for your shampoo, which can work more efficiently & effectively with a clean surface.

Step #2 Lather, Rinse, Repeat
-This seems like a no-brainer. I mean, it’s right there on the bottle of shampoo but how many of us actually wash our hair more than once in the same shower? I sure didn’t before this. But I do now! By washing more, you naturally scrub off that itchy layer of dead skin and allow the shampoo to do its job. I choose to use an all-natural shampoo from JĀSÖN® which I purchase for a great price at Vitacost.com (use my affiliate link to receive a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase…I’ll get a coupon too, so thanks!)

Step #3 Tea Tree Oil Spray
-Before you shower, mix up 1 TBSP of Tea Tree Oil and 1 cup of warm water in a spray bottle. After you shower and shampoo twice (or more), towel dry your hair. Spray the Tea Tree Oil mixture all over your scalp and massage gently. Let your hair sit for a few minutes before styling/drying as normal. This is so soothing on your scalp and really helps clear up any leftover flakes of dandruff. And fyi, I didn’t notice any excess oil in my hair after massaging in this spray. You can order good quality Tea Tree Oil for a low price at Vitacost.com. <—affiliate link (we both get a coupon!)

The Results:

Lots of flyaways but no flakes!

There you go! Easy peasy!


*Remember, I am not a medical or hair professional. This post is purely anecdotal and these particular dandruff-busting steps are just what worked for me personally. Also, this post was NOT sponsored by Vitacost, JĀSÖN®, or Dr. Teal’s … these were my personal products and all opinions are my own.

So tell me:

-Do you battle with dandruff?

-Any other natural remedies you can recommend?

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