Mother’s Day

To all my mommy readers out there, I hope this post finds you feeling pampered, appreciated, and rested! My prayer is that you were celebrated yesterday in whatever way brings you joy. I know that Mother’s Day can be difficult for moms who have angel babies, daughters who have lost their moms, and single moms who are overworked & underappreciated. Know that while I haven’t experienced the particular pain that you have, you are in my thoughts and prayers…and I’m sending you all bloggy hugs!!

To be honest, my Mother’s Day wasn’t glamorous at all. I woke up with a nasty cold/allergy mess so I spent most of the day on the couch piling up dirty tissues. The good thing though was that my dear husband nursed & pampered all day.

While it might not have been glamorous, it sure was blessed! Not only did Lee nurse me but he gave me little surprises all day. He cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen, cooked a yummy breakfast for me, brought me Starburst Jellybeans (my favorite) and a beautiful white rose, went and got Panera for lunch and Wendy’s for dinner so I could have a Frosty, and he offered to fix me a candlelit bubble bath & take Baby A out of the house so I could relax! I had to take a rain check on the bubble bath since I couldn’t get up off the couch.

Plus, on Saturday, while I was at a Baby Sprinkle for Baby A2, he fixed my Mother’s Day gift…a new mailbox!!!!! No, it’s not a Pandora bracelet or diamond earrings but I’ve been asking for one for 3 years and it finally happened 🙂

Oh, what a difference it makes!

My heart is so full today. It’s the little things, dear readers.

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So tell me,
-How was your Mother’s Day?

-What is your favorite gift you’ve gotten?

-Did you get to celebrate with your mother this year?

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