Gentle Healing with Fit2B Studio + Coupon

Readers, I’m excited to share with you the start of my postpartum gentle healing journey and to give you an AWESOME Fit2B coupon that’s exclusive to my readers!

I discovered Fit2B Studio about 2 months postpartum with Aymen as part of the Ultimate Homemaker Bundle that I purchased. Included was a free 2-month membership to an online workout website dedicated to mommas and the gentle healing of postpartum tummies. I was so impressed!

I started the journey to heal my Diastasis Recti and within a couple of months, it had completely closed, I had lost all of my baby weight, PLUS I had lost an addition 18 pounds. The weight loss was from a combination of a dairy-free diet, breastfeeding, regular cardio, and gentle strength training exercises with Fit2B.

In the past few months, Fit2B has improved their entire experience with a new website, an updated Roku channel, and online courses for you to take so you can learn as much as possible about your core!


When I found out I was pregnant with Ada, I immediately began my pregnancy fitness routine. We knew we wanted another natural, water birth so I began to prepare my body. In addition to my prenatal vitamin regimen, I incorporated the Pregnancy Pathway videos from Fit2B into my daily life. It was so easy to workout on my terms even though I had a toddler to take care of. The videos are available whenever I can workout and I can even stream them on my TV through our Roku Player.

Not only did was my body fully prepared for another natural birth but this labor and delivery was SO MUCH faster than my first. I attribute that to a few things:

1. My body already knew what to do. I heard from many mommas that their 2nd deliveries went more quickly than their firsts did. With Aymen, I was in early labor for about 17 hours, active labor for 6.5 hours, and pushed for about 20-30 minutes. With Baby A2, the ENTIRE labor and delivery was over in just 5 hours and 4 pushes!!

2. My DR was healed and my core was strong. Because my DR was fully healed before I became pregnant again, I was able to really focus on strengthening my core with gentle exercises during my entire pregnancy. This means that when labor started, my strong core caused each contraction to do more work and bring my baby to me faster!

3. I focused on preparing my entire body for another natural birth. Not only was I strengthening my core, but during my 3rd trimester, I started preparing my body internally for labor and delivery. I also added Hypnobirthing training to my Bradley Method birth training. You can read all about what I did in prep for labor in this post.

Fit2B Exclusive Coupon
I encourage you to check out Fit2B for yourself. It’s NEVER too late to begin your healing journey. Whether your babies are baking, just came out of the oven, or have already baked their own babies, your body deserves to be gently healed!
Fit2B is a convenient and affordable alternative to gym memberships. No more working out with meatheads! Work out whenever and wherever you are comfortable. It makes working out with little ones so easy because you can pause the workout when you need and continue it at your leisure. I’ve never had a problem getting my workouts in with Aymen and now Ada by my side. Plus, I don’t have to stress about packing everyone up and dropping them off at the gym daycare during daycare hours.
Memberships come in monthly or yearly subscriptions. Monthly members pay $9.99 per month for unlimited access. Yearly members pay $99.99 per year (a savings of $20 when compared to what monthly members pay). 

HOWEVER, when you click my affiliate link or the picture below & use the coupon code “faithfulff” during checkout, you will receive 30% off a Yearly membership … that’s 12 months for $69.30!! A whopping savings of $50.58 off of paying a monthly membership for 12 months!!

Don’t forget that you MUST click my link or the picture above and use the code “faithfulff” to get your exclusive discount. And yes, it’s an affiliate link so when you purchase your discounted yearly membership, you are helping me and my family out financially and we truly appreciate it! =)Blessings and Happy Gentle Healing,

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