My Cup Runneth Over

Oh readers, what a difference one week can make

I’m almost speechless (mostly from being sleep deprived)…
Our Lord is GOOD and He fulfills His promises! All I needed was a little patience, faith, and trust and He worked everything out for the good.
Introducing Ada Elaine Bronson (Baby A2) born Tuesday, July 22nd 8:58am. I’ll save the AWESOME details of her birth story for a future post but let’s just say when she decided it was time to arrive, she did so lightening fast! Like ‘less-than-5-hours-of-labor-only-4-pushes’ fast!
8lb, 7.5oz 19″ long!
Oh the joy, oh the awe, oh the sweetness. I can’t explain how fulfilling the past few days have been. Big Sister absolutely adores our newest addition and we are thrilled that all she wants to do is kiss her and rub her hair. 
Seriously, can’t stand the cuteness!
I can’t wait to share Baby A2’s birth story but someone is ready to nurse. For now, check out my post on Big Sister’s natural, water birth.
Daddy LOVES his girls!
A few hours old and headed home!
For now, all I can say is that our hearts are overjoyed and our cup is overflowing!

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