Catching Up

You know the saying ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’? Well, I guess we’ve been having a BLAST at our house because time has literally flew by in the past few weeks.

I just can’t get over the fact that our little A2 was born over a month ago!

L – A2 and R – A1
Baby A is getting so big!

We’ve been so busy with our newest addition, our active toddler, and keeping up with family, friends, and loved ones.

The adjustment is going pretty well. A2 is a great sleeper…like a GREAT sleeper so we’re actually feeling rested 5 weeks out from her birth. Praise the Lord!!

We like to send Daddy as many selfies as possible during the workday.

Here are just a few of the awesome things we’ve done in the past 5.5 weeks:

-We were able to celebrate my little cousin’s LAST chemo treatment! They threw her a huge party and we’re so excited for her to close this tumultuous chapter of her life. Not only has she finished up chemo but she started 3rd grade this week!

-We took Baby A2 to her first Panthers game. Baby A had her first sleepover at Nana’s….I was a wreck the whole night without her but we survived. I think it will be a little while before we have any more sleep away nights. Mommy likes having her babies at home!

-Baby A2 got to meet her 94 year old great-Grammy. It was such a special day and I’m very grateful that Grammy is still with us. She’s the last of my grandparents still alive and the time we get to visit with her is so precious!

-We also got to celebrate the union of a good college friend of mine…she had a photo booth at the reception and it was ‘totes adorbs’! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Top – College friends for life!! Bottom – Bro Bash ’14

Like I said, we’ve been BUSY! =) But we are oh, so blessed.

So tell me, readers…
-What have you been up to in the past month?
-Did you have a busy wedding season this year?
-Are/Were you close with your grandparents?


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