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Well, readers, I guess we can officially say that we’re homeschoolers. Baby A and I started a Preschool prep program last week. It’s still a little early for her to do anything intense so along with our normal, everyday learning activities (reading, creative play, outside exploration, songs, puzzles, games, etc), we’ve added about 30 minutes of preschool activities first thing in the morning. She’s 20 months old so I’m not expecting her to be reading novels anytime soon but I do want her to get in the habit of having school first thing in the morning.

There were a few reasons we wanted to get her started:

1. Mommy has been a little newborn occupied the past few weeks. Having school time forces me to put A2 down for a few minutes and really focus on interacting with A. She loves one on one attention!

2. A is really starting to talk and has even started saying some small sentences. We want to capitalize on this awesome time of development. She’s such a little sponge and it’s never too early to learn!

3. Groupon had (and still has for the next week) this great Preschool Prep curriculum on sale for $39.99. It normally retails for $129.95. The set comes with 10 Preschool Prep Company DVDs that include:
  • Meet the Blends
  • Meet the Colors
  • Meet the Digraphs
  • Meet the Letter Sounds
  • Meet the Letters
  • Meet the Numbers
  • Meet the Shapes
  • Meet the Sight Words 1
  • Meet the Sight Words 2
  • Meet the Sight Words 3
So far, A has only been watching the ‘Meet the Letters’ DVD in the mornings. I really like the presentation of the program. It’s engaging without being busy and fast paced. I’m not a big fan of ‘educational’ shows and resources that act more like cartoons with no substance and loud commercials. I mean, we don’t have cable for a reason.
We’ve been watching the DVD and working on the letters every morning for about a week. After a few days, I noticed that A was starting to call out the letters as they were on the screen. She’s really starting to interact with the program!
For the next 6 days, you can get this Preschool Prep deal on Groupon. Just click my affiliate link and search ‘Preschool Prep’ … I’ll get a $10 credit when you order, so thank you in advance! =)
About the Preschool Prep DVDs and Company (taken from

Preschool Prep DVDs

Preschool Prep’s DVDs captivate children with educational material that’s garnered more than 25 awards. By anthropomorphizing numbers, letters, and colors, the DVDs help children aged 9 months to 7 years easily recognize the characters and understand their functions. Advanced lessons in phonics and sight words deepen a budding reader’s understanding and respect for the written word, even when it’s written mockingly on their forehead as they sleep.
  • Engaging, colorful DVDs
  • Foster recognition of numbers, letters, and colors
  • Advanced lessons in phonics, and sight words
  • Won more than 25 awards
  • Tailored for children aged 9 months to 7 years

About Preschool Prep Company

The Preschool Prep Company’s award-winning line of DVD’s, books, and games are designed to reach kids early with concepts like letters, numbers, and colors. Founder Kathy Oxley has good reason to believe that toddlers’ learning windows open sooner than we (or standard school curriculum) might think: after repeated and consistent exposure to the alphabet, Oxley’s 14-month-old daughter began to recognize letters on signs and in books. Within a year, the two-year-old could read simple words on her own. Preschool Prep’s base philosophy is that every kid can acquire these skills early, as long as their sponge-like brains get the exposure they need. In the end, it’s a philosophy very similar to other educational approaches. “We teach toddlers to identify dogs, elephants, unicorns and dinosaurs,” Oxley said in an interview with “Letters are no different. They are just animals of a different kind.”
Check out the Preschool Prep website for more info!
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