First Day of Fall, Our Trip to Maine, 2 Months!

Phew, I’ve got lots to catch y’all up on so here goes.

First off, HAPPY FALL Y’ALL!! This is one of my favorite times of the year. I’m so excited for the cooler weather, the time spent outdoors, the celebration of blessings, and all that leads up to the Christmas season.
We have plans to go hiking in the NC mountains to celebrate our engagement anniversary in October. We also are going to visit local pumpkin patches & farms for apple picking, hayrides, and picking out our pumpkins! I’ve got the Fall decorations ready to be put out around the house and later today, I’m headed to our local Farmer’s Market to get hay bales & mums for the front steps. 
Also, our local library started up their kid’s story times at the beginning of the month. Baby A has really been enjoying those. Last week was Pirate Story Day and this week, we learned about colors!
Second, I think I’ve finally recovered from a fantastic wedding weekend up in Maine. I took Baby A2 with me. It was my first time traveling alone with her & her first time on an airplane. She was perfect for her first flight which was an answered prayer. The man in front of me didn’t even know I had a baby until we got off the plane. 
The wedding weekend was amazing! A group of us from college rented a group of riverside woodland cabins in Damariscotta, Maine. It was beautiful and perfect and quiet and perfect and full of love and perfect!! I really don’t think there is a more pristine place in America! We arrived Thursday night so we had Friday to explore and catch up with our friends. Dinner was AMAZING! I must admit that I’ve never had fresh lobster before but YUM!! I dream about it now that I’m back home. The wedding day was cold & windy but what a beautiful ceremony on the lawn of the Pemaquid Lighthouse. After the ceremony was over, all the wedding guests climbed out onto the rocks for a picture taken by an aerial photographer!

These views from the cabins were breathtaking. It was all I could do not to just stop and stare every time I walked outside. I really wish we had longer to stay than just a few days.

My amazing lobster dinner that I’m still dreaming about was accompanied by the love & companionship of good friends. Even though our get togethers are few and far between now that most of us are married, we always pick up right where we leave off! It’s like we’re all still in college again. We’ve had 2 weddings in the past month and the reunions have been good for my soul. Here’s a picture from a wedding 2.5 years ago (the last time we were all together before the August wedding and when I was pregnant with Baby A).
Third, BABY A IS 2 MONTHS OLD!! WHAT?! I say this every time but time has flown by. She is such a sweetheart & a blessing to us all. She’s wrapped us all around her finger, especially Baby A! She loves to be held and kissed. She’s starting to laugh & giggle. She can definitely tell when someone other than mommy is holding her. She is sleeping fairly well at night, usually in 5-7 hour stretches! YAY! She nurses every 2 hours during the day and takes little cat naps. Now that we’re caught up on sleep, we can all really enjoy having 2 babies in the house! =)

I think I’m all caught up now!
So tell me,

-What are your favorite Fall traditions?

-What’s the furthest distance you’ve traveled for a wedding?

-Do you still keep up with college friends? High School?

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