Natural Cold Remedies for Kiddos

Well, we made it almost 2 years before Baby A caught a cold. I’m pretty proud of that! Everything sniffle she’s had before this came from cutting teeth.

When her nose started running a few days ago, I knew that I wanted to nip this thing in the bud and not let it turn into something nasty. Especially with the rare type of enterovirus going around here in NC

So I hit up my most trusted medical resource, The Facebook. 😉 

I jest. I’m not a big fan of online medical diagnostic tools. I did, however, ask if any other mommies had natural remedies for sniffles they wanted to share and I got some great suggestions!

And boy, I’m glad I reached out because the cold that showed up on Tuesday morning was almost completely gone by Thursday night!! All that’s left today are a few sniffles.

Please, remember that I am NOT a medical professional. Use your own discretion and common sense when administering home remedies to your children. If symptoms are severe or persist, please contact a medical professional.

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of the natural remedies I used on Baby A.

1. Hyland’s Cold Tablets – tiny homeopathic tablets that dissolve under baby’s tongue. I recommend their Teething Tablets as well.

2. Daily Vitamins – Baby A gets Carlson for Kids Fish Oil, HMF Neuro Powder probiotics, and Enfamil PolyViSol Multivitamins every morning regardless of if she’s sick or not.

3. Herbs for Kids – Deep Immune Support/Echinacea & Astragalus; immune stimulant herbal blend to support the body’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial capabilities while building the immune system in non-acute phases.

4. Vicks Baby Rub – I dab a tiny bit of the rub under Baby A’s nostrils to keep her skin from chapping to badly and so she can inhale the vapors. This is the least ‘natural’ of all my remedies.

5. Dr. King’s Natural Medicine – another homeopathic remedy that comes in a convenient spray. It’s great for kids & adults and it has no taste. Seriously, it tastes like water so it’s easy to administer to your littles! You can either spray it directly in their mouth or spray on their body to be absorbed. 

6. Essential Oils – okay, I’m a EO newbie. Before this week, the extent of my EO use was adding Lavender Oil to homemade lotions and laundry detergent. But , now I’m hooked! I went to our local health food store where they bottle their own oils that are medicinal grade with no fillers. I purchased peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and their sinus blend. I’ve used these in a few different ways.
Peppermint Oil is for me. One little sniff in the mornings is a great pick me up after a restless, sleepless night of taking care of sick kiddos. I’m really looking forward to experimenting in other ways with this oil.
Eucalyptus Oil is to help prevent ear infections. Rub one drop of oil behind the ears a few times each day. This will help keep the eustachian tube open. 
Sinus Blend is a blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender. I diluted this and rubbed in on Baby A’s little feet a few times each day and then put socks on her to ensure absorption. I also boiled a pot of water, added a few drops, and let the water simmer/steam so the oil was diffused throughout our kitchen and living room. I even added a few drops to her bath.

So that’s it, readers. All of that combined beat her cold and it’s almost completely gone! 


So tell me, 
-What are you favorite natural cold remedies?
-What preventative health measures do you take this time of year?


Nicki Fusco

I love EO as well!!! We use them in my house for everything.. even the dogs love them!!!! We are using them right now for sinus and Jeff’s ruptured ulnar nerve! They are fabulous!!!

Petra Jadan

I have always used Eo’s and believed that they are great for my kids when they have the cold. I love Eucalyptus Oil, to rub on chest when they are coughing and smells great.


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