Braun® No touch + Forehead Thermometer Review

As parents, we definitely wish we could make things easier for our kiddos when they get sick. I’m excited to bring you another review this week for a product that should help you take better care of your little ones.

The Braun® No touch + Forehead Thermometer (RV $69.99) is ‘the first thermometer to take professionally accurate temperatures with a gentle touch of the the forhead or no touch at all. Braun’s clinically proven tehcnology won’t disturb your sleeping little one, and the large color-coded display with temperature guidance system is easy to read.’ (quote from the Braun® No touch + Forehead Thermometer review page on Influenster).

It sounds a little too good to be true, right? An easy way to take your child’s temp without disturbing them in their sleep?! 

Well, after trying it out on my toddler and my infant, I’m telling you that this thermometer is the bee’s knees!! 

There are so many features that make this a medicine cabinet essential. 

#1. The No-Touch Feature – The thermometer sensor can accurately read the heat that your child’s forehead is radiating from up to 2″ away. The LCD display screen will let you know when the sensor is too far away.

#2. Quick Reading – The thermometer can make an accurate reading in about 2 seconds. This is great if you have a toddler who can’t stand/sit still for very long.

#3. Easy to Use – It’s extremely non-invasive. You can either use the no-touch feature or gently touch the thermometer to your child’s forehead. You will get an accurate reading either way. By utilizing the no-touch feature, you cut down on having to sanitize your thermometer which will give you a few more minutes to care for your little one.

#4 Safe & Hygenic – Having the no-touch option will reduce the spread of germs. This thermometer is safe for children & adults.

#5 LCD Display – The display screen will let you know when the sensor is too far away from your child’s forehead & it will change colors depending on your child’s temp. The colors (green, yellow, or red) can be used as a guide for understanding your child’s temperature better. 

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.


Shannon J. Perkins

It’s really good to have a reliable thermometer on hand and Braun is one of those though I have not tried using them. Well, a forehead thermometer is the best thermometer in the world!


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