Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lash Kit Review

I’m so excited to share a great beauty find with you today! I don’t do many beauty posts…because well, truthfully, my beauty routine right now is basic. It’s basic-er than basic. It’s almost non-existent. The most makeup I wear (when I do wear makeup) is BareMinerals powder & some eyeliner/mascara. Maybe some lipstick/gloss if I can find it.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE makeup but with 2 littles, it’s all I can do to remember to brush my teeth. Which reminds me…


A friend of mine started selling Younique beauty products and added me to her Mascara Launch Party Facebook group. I saw some before/after pictures of her with the Fiber Lashes on and I had to know more. They looked like fake lashes but they weren’t! WHAT?!

Here are a few of the pictures she posted…

Look at the difference!!

So I bought a little Fiber Lash kit of my own and OH MY WORD! I love it! Here are few things I really love about the kit.

ApplicationIt’s extremely easy to apply. Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can…you’ll see that the pictures below were taken after I got the excess mascara goop off of my nose and cheeks because I’m a clutz! First, you put on one coat of your choice of mascara. Then, you apply the Transplanting Gel. Next, while the Gel is still wet, you add the All-Natural Fibers. Lastly, you add one more coat of the Gel which will ‘set’ the fibers to your lashes. And you’re done.

It stays on all day (and through the night if you forget to wash it off. Not that I’ve done that…) and can easily be removed with makeup remover or soap/water!

Here’s my before/after picture…

HUGE difference

Ingredients Not only is the mascara gorgeous when you put it on but the fibers are made from 100% All-Natural fibers taken from Green Tea and the Transplanting Gel contains nice things like water & beeswax. You really can feel good about wearing it. I’m super conscious now of what beauty products I use (when I use them HA) so I like that this kit is very minimal on the chemicals.

See the huge difference in ingredients? The top is regular mascara & bottom is the Younique 3D Kit.

PriceThe Moonstruck 3D Mascara Kit is $29 (plus s&h) and it will last you 2-3 months. Jessica (my friend who sells) has used hers everyday for almost 3 months and still has some left to go.

Money Back GuaranteeI really appreciate the Younique ‘Love It’ Guarantee because how are we going to know if we love something unless we try it? You can get 100% of your money back for up to 14 days after purchase, no questions asked. You can get 80% of your money back between 15-30 days of purchase. And you can get a full product exchange credit between 31-90 days of purchase.

Fast Shipping Just FYI, if you’re thinking “The Guarantee is great but what if it takes 2 weeks for me to get my mascara?” I ordered my kit on Thursday and it was in my mailbox on Monday (4 days later).

Younique offers an entire line of beauty products but I haven’t tried anything else so I don’t feel comfortable commenting on them. Although, the pictures I’ve seen of the eye shadows are beautiful so I might be trying them soon…

All the colors!

And if you’re interested, I’m hosting an online Amazing Mascara Party on Facebook for the next TEN DAYS. You can visit my Facebook Fan Page & private message me for an invite to the group where Jessica will be posting more info on Younique, more before/after pictures, and awesome makeup tips!!

Or you can check out the Younique product line here. And yes, this is the link to my online party so if you purchase you’ll be helping me earn credit for more makeup!!

And I completely understand if you don’t feel comfortable ordering through my link but please check out Younique for yourself! I don’t do these types of parties often so you know this is good stuff.


So tell me
-What does your makeup routine look like? 

-Have you ever tried Younique products? What did you think?

*This post is in no way affiliated with Younique. A friend of mine is a presenter and she introduced me to the product line. It was so good that I had to share. All opinions are 100% my own!!

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