Simplifying Our Home Part 1

Last week, I posted about our Family Focus from 2015: Simplicity


We wasted NO TIME in getting started with applying this idea to as many aspects of our lives as we could.

In December, we had a Family Budget Meeting to simplify our budget for 2015. We cut out many spending categories that we deemed unnecessary for our happiness & well-being in the New Year. Our budget now focuses on Giving, Saving, and Life Necessities. I think I’ll post details on that soon.

The biggest focus we wanted to have in the New Year was simplifying our home. More specifically, our clutter.

We are blessed to live in a modest home of about 1050 sq. ft. We have a pretty spacious attic, about an acre of land, plus a shop on the back of our property that is bigger than our house! Literally, the shop is over 1100 sq.ft. maybe close to 1200!


Humble yet Happy. Go Panthers!



Our wonderful backyard with THE shop.


My father-in-law passed away when Lee was 7 years old and he was able to use his investments from his inheritance to buy our home from his grandfather. This is the house Lee grew up in after his dad died and we’re extremely grateful that we own it free & clear.

Since we’ve been married, one of our family goals has been to never take for granted the fact that we started our life together with a home that was paid for. It’s definitely not the newest, biggest, or fanciest home, it could use more closet space, and the wood under the bathroom floor tile is starting to rot but it’s our home. It’s paid for. It’s a huge blessing.

If we had started our marriage with a mortgage or rent payment, I wouldn’t be able to stay at home with the girls. Plus, we probably would have waited longer to start having children which means our girls wouldn’t be who they are today.

Since July, when sweet little Ada made her debut, our home life has been hectic, cluttered, and crazy! It seemed like we were just settling into our new family routine when Thanksgiving came (where we spent Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at 3 different grandparent homes), then Aymen’s 2nd birthday/my birthday (same day!), Lee was in a wedding the weekend before Christmas, plus we attended 7 (yes SEVEN) different family Christmas dinners/lunches/breakfasts, then 2015 was here!!

PHEW. It’s no wonder we chose Simplicity for 2015.

House with Chimney

Once we recovered from the holidays, Lee & I made a plan to tackle our cluttered home one room at a time. There rules were simple. 1. Every single thing in the room had to be taken out and looked at. 2. Only things we absolutely needed would stay. We budgeted $50 per room to spend on any organizational tubs/shelves/whatever we might need to keep things tidy.

Over the next few weeks, I will be giving you an honest glimpse into my home through a series of posts explaining how we de-cluttered and simplified.

We’ve already cleaned out our bedroom and we’re finishing up the office right now. And let me tell you, it feels SO GOOD!

Honestly, I’m sleeping better at night knowing our bedroom is simplified and I’m far more productive during nap time when I’m in the office paying bills, blogging, and working.

I am so excited you will be joining me on this journey!

Come back on Monday for: Simplifying Our Home – The Master Bedroom

And tell me below, what room in your house would you simplify right now if you had the time?


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