The Bunch is Back

Howdy, y’all! It’s been awhile =)


What a whirlwind couple of months it has been for us in The Bronson Bunch. We’ve really embraced our Family Focus for 2015 of Simplicity and I guess that (unintentionally) included blogging. While I have missed being able to write and express my thoughts and feelings over what the Lord has led us through these past few months, it was SO nice to unplug a little bit and really focus on our family. But I’m just as happy to say that THE BUNCH IS BACK!

Here are 5 awesome things that have happened in our lives over the past several months:

1. I started working from home super part time in January doing some secretarial/marketing work for a local agricultural commodities group. It’s actually been nice to have something outside of the household to focus on and I usually don’t work more than 5 hours a week so it’s been easy to fit that in during naps.

2. Big Sis started Preschool at our church and it’s been wonderful. This was a huge step for me because we’ve already felt the Lord calling us to homeschool our children and I definitely have a DIY attitude most of the time. However, after the newness of Little Sis being born wore off, we realized that we were in a difficult (but rewarding, of course) season of life full of lots of nursing, coffee, and toddler tantrums. Sometimes, being the best homemaker God has called you to be means admitting you can’t do it all and asking for/seeking help. Big Sis has really done well and we love the Christ-focused learning she’s experiencing!

3. The Lord has definitely been clearly speaking to Lee & I regarding our house and whether or not it was time for us to move (it’s not). We prayerfully followed where He was leading throughout our learning process and it was a definite roller coaster for a few weeks. Looking back, we know that all was according to His will and we’ve learned some big lessons. Our trust and faith in God’s plan has never been stronger. Be looking for a blog post this week about our house buying/not buying process =)

4. The girls are growing and thriving and we are completely, totally, wholeheartedly in love with being their parents. Big Sis is almost 2.5 years old and she’s more feisty that ever. She LOVES being outside and she’s so protective of her little sister, always wanting to hug & kiss & love on her. She is definitely a strong-willed first born but I heard a quote recently that basically said if you can train a strong-willed child to do what’s right then they will be strong-willed to always do what’s right. So that’s our lofty-yet-attainable-through-Christ goal. Little Sis is 9 months old already! WHAT?! I feel like she was just born. Our sweet, mellow, go with the flow little baby is cruising around like a champ and she’s been pulling up on furniture for weeks. She’s just now starting to take steps while holding on to tables and mommy is NOT ready for that =/


This pretty much sums up our life right now 😉


5. We remodeled our bathroom. I’ve known Lee for almost 7 years and I’ve waited almost 7 years to remodel that bathroom so let me say it again: WE REMODELED OUR ONE AND ONLY BATHROOM!!!! The actual remodel process was stressful and hard and costly but now that we’re done the finished product is glorious and spectacular and beyond anything we could have imagined. It’s amazing how refreshing this transformation has been for our household. I’ll definitely be posting before/after pictures of this one. Here’s a little preview though….


So there you have it. Just some of the awesome that has kept me from posting. A big part of the reason I had to pause the blog was that our office ended up being used as Little Sis’ bedroom. We’re hoping to move her into the nursery with Big Sis soon but not until she’s sleeping through the majority of the night (Little Sis is a night nursing champ!). I should be back to blogging pretty regularly again, thanks to a little computer space we created in Mommy & Daddy’s bedroom.

2015-05-02 20.46.47

Blogging live from Mommy & Daddy’s room!


So tell me readers, what have you been up to lately??




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