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My dearest readers, it’s been awhile! I’m hoping to get some blogging therapy in over the next few weeks and I hope you’ll join me as I update you on some exciting things the Bronson Bunch is doing in September.

We are eagerly anticipating Baby #3 (due in Feb.) and we get to find the gender out in 3 days!

The biggest change in our life has been our decision to officially start homeschooling Aymen. She’ll be 3 in December and I’ve been itching to start working with her in a more formal setting. So we spent about 2 weeks fixing up our playroom & re-organizing¬†it. Now we have a fun and functional school room! I’ll be sure to post about the room and what’s in it later.

Homeschooling our children is something the Lord laid on our hearts shortly after we were married, when I was first pregnant with Aymen. I have a background in public schools and really do enjoy teaching young children. After almost 3 years of prayer, research, and seeking out local homeschooling families, we officially began our homeschool Preschool this past week. We decided to name our school “The Bronson Faith Academy.” This is the perfect name for our school because it reflects us taking ownership of our children’s education and it stresses the importance that our faith plays in our academic endeavors. We believe that homeschooling is the path God has laid out for us and we know that He will bless us and provide for us along the way. Also, it’s important to say from the get-go that we 100% do not think homeschooling is for everyone.¬†We don’t think God has the same journey for everyone. We’re just excited to start our homeschool journey!

First day of Homeschool Preschool!

First day of Homeschool Preschool!

Our homeschool Preschool is very short (30 minutes max of ‘instruction’) and includes reading aloud, calendar time, weather, letter/shape/number/color recognition, some kind of sensory activity, something crafty, and a Bible verse. Right now, we focus on 1 letter, shape, number, color each week with a review on Monday. We study/learn/memorize 1 Bible verse every 2 weeks. I’ve also scheduled trips to the library for story time, play dates, nature walks, gardening lessons (ok, she helps me out in our backyard garden), as well as trips to different local parks. On Wednesday nights, she participates in WeeMusicians/Mission Friends at our church. We are planning to enroll her in a toddler dance class after Christmas.

We just finished our first full week of homeschool Preschool and it was awesome! Aymen is so eager to learn, she literally soaks up everything. Like I mentioned above, we don’t spend more than 30 minutes in formal instruction and that 30 minutes includes a lot of activity for her. She’s extremely energetic so she sits in her chair, sits on the floor, stands up, lets me hold her, etc. I also try to give her something small to play with to keep her hands busy … she seems to listen better if her hands are busy!

This week, we focused on the Letter ‘A’, Circles, the Number ‘1’, and Red. I was able to find so many fun activities for her on Pinterest (check out my Homeschool Preschool board). I maybe spend 15 minutes each morning prepping for our day. Here are just a few pictures of the fun things we’ve done this week:

Letter 'A' and Red

Letter ‘A’ and Red

Red circles for days!

Red circles for days!

Working on number recognition AND fine motor skills!

Working on number recognition AND fine motor skills!


If you’re on Instagram and would like to follow our homeschool Preschool journey in pictures, then follow me! I can’t wait to see what the next weeks, months, and years have in store for our homeschool Preschool!!



Tell me about your family, readers.

-Were you homeschooled?

-Do you currently homeschool?

-What education path does God have you on?


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