Lydia Jane’s Natural Birth Story: Part 2

Peace. That’s where we left off last week with Lydia’s natural birth story. The peace that passes all understanding. The peace that slowly but surely invades every nook & cranny of your soul like fog from a fog machine slowly covers the stage. That sure feeling that comes not from anything or anyone of this world but only from above. That’s what I prayed for, that’s what I craved during my third pregnancy.

First, I wanted peace in our souls because getting pregnant so soon was not in our plan. We kind of had it all figured out on our own (and we all know how that usually goes!) We knew we wanted more kids…one day, maybe. There were important things we wanted to do first like get our emergency savings saved up, remodel the house, travel, etc. But God spoke very clearly that His plans were greater than our plans. Not that we had bad plans for our family, just that He is sovereign and His timing is perfect.

Our Actual Announcement Picture

Our Actual Announcement Picture

Second, I wanted peace in my pregnancy. We had 2 incredibly young babies already and I wanted this pregnancy to be healthy, complication-free, and not stressful. That seems like a lot to ask for but nothing is too much for my Deliverer, my Promise Keeper, my Father.

Third, I wanted peace in the labor and delivery. This may sound crazy but Ada’s birth happened so much faster than we were expecting, I didn’t really get to experience it. Oh I’m most definitely not complaining that I woke up in labor and a few hours later, she was here.  It was a blessing but a small part of me desired to fully be in the moment of labor, to savor it, to use my labor as a worship for the One who intelligently designed my body to bring my daughter into the world.

Ada was with me during early labor.

Ada was with me during early labor.

Lastly and maybe most importantly, I wanted peace in the transition. We had a great thing going with Aymen & Ada. We were all fairly happy, had an established routine that worked well, and we’re starting to come out of that we-have-a-newborn-and-a-toddler-so-we-don’t-go-anywhere phase. I had actually gotten brave and had taken both the girls to Aldi’s. By myself. For a few weeks, I really struggled with how our newest little miracle would fit in. I constantly prayed that God would grant us a peaceful transition from being a family of four to being a family of five.

It still amazes me how God consistently provides all that I pray for when my heart’s desires line up with His plan. Stay tuned for the 3rd and final part of Lydia’s Natural Birth story next week!


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