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Homeschool Preschool

First day of Homeschool Preschool!

My dearest readers, it’s been awhile! I’m hoping to get some blogging therapy in over the next few weeks and I hope you’ll join me as I update you on some exciting things the Bronson Bunch is doing in September. We are eagerly anticipating Baby #3 (due in Feb.) and we get to find the… Read more »

Simplifying Our Home Part 1

House with Chimney

Last week, I posted about our Family Focus from 2015: Simplicity We wasted NO TIME in getting started with applying this idea to as many aspects of our lives as we could. In December, we had a Family Budget Meeting to simplify our budget for 2015. We cut out many spending categories that we deemed… Read more »

Intentional Living

Intentional Living

Intentional Living. A small phrase that packs a not-so-small punch. Understanding the true meaning of this phrase as it applies to your life is the key to happiness, to fulfillment, to the kind of life you only dream of. Aren’t you tired of wishing things were different? Isn’t your soul weary of just surviving and not thriving?… Read more »