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Mommy Matters Monday: 7 months old?!


 This Mommy Matters post is about a week late & it’s bittersweet for me to write. You see, as much as I don’t want it to happen, my baby girl is growing up. And I can’t stop it! Lee & I are SO ridiculously in LOVE with her! Sometimes, I just stare in her eyes… Read more »

Mommy Matters Monday: Baby Sign Language


So we celebrated a few milestones this past week: first solid food & 6 month birthday! AHH, my baby is growing up too fast. I seriously can’t believe it’s been HALF A YEAR since Aymen Grace arrived!! WHAT?! But I digress. Lee & I have already decided to homeschool when Aymen Grace is older and… Read more »

Where Have The Last 6 Months Gone?!


My sweet little Aymen Grace!! You’re 6 months old today! What a beautiful, sweet, happy little baby you are! I can’t tell you how much my life has changed for the better since you’ve been here. I felt God calling me to be a mother when I was 14. 6 months ago, you fulfilled my… Read more »

This Week’s Love It List


Here are the things I’m loving this week! My little jewelry diva helping me out at work! Visiting my sweet friend Shannon at her new house! Nose kisses from my nephew, Colton! One thing I’m not loving? Las Vegas & the fact that my husband is there right now for work! We’re definitely ready for… Read more »