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Quiet Time


How do you spend your quiet time with the Lord each day? In the past few weeks, I’ve branched out from the normal bible/book study and explored some different ways to spend time with God. Those ways included intentional prayer focused on sowing/reaping/harvesting during my daily gardening time, listening to sermons & singing worship songs… Read more »

Wives of the Bible


I’m so excited to be a part of the launch team for “Wives of the Bible: 25 Easy Lessons You Can Learn from These Imperfect Women That Will Radically Transform Your Marriage” Jolene’s book is such an easy read and the lessons are clear cut and extremely important as we all strive towards a more… Read more »

3 Biblical Truths About Money


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that my husband & I have set out on a journey to become completely DEBT FREE! We are so excited about our financial future and know that getting out of debt is the first step to our financial security & health. One of our dreams is to… Read more »

This Week’s Love It List


Here are the things I’m loving this week… Wearing clothes that are not sweatpants… My YouVersion Bible App My mom’s early Mother’s Day gift…that she loved! Aldi Grocery Store….because we’re on a budget What things are you loving this week? Tell me in the comments! And hop on over to…