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This Week’s Thrifty Finds


I have a new hobby…um, okay, obsession: consignment sales & thrift stores & CraigsList, oh my! Phew. The first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem, right? =) What a great problem to have though! I’ve gotten so many great deals in the past few weeks. I just have to share them… Read more »

Frugal Find


Have I told you about my unhealthy obsession with Target yet?! Well, it’s bad!! Thank goodness the closest one is 30 minutes away. Otherwise, I’d be there. Every. Day.  I don’t know what I love the most about Target: the selection, the baby section, or the fact that they let you stack coupons like crazy??… Read more »

3 Biblical Truths About Money


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that my husband & I have set out on a journey to become completely DEBT FREE! We are so excited about our financial future and know that getting out of debt is the first step to our financial security & health. One of our dreams is to… Read more »

Love It List


In an effort to spread the love & promote positive thinking, here are a few of the things I’m loving this week! Someone got a little silly during her photoshoot ๐Ÿ˜‰ $1.98 each on clearance at Target! New (and only) Panera Bread opened in our town. The local homeless shelter/food bank posted this! So awesome!… Read more »