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It Was One of Those Weeks


Last week was one of those weeks at our house. You know the one I’m talking about. One of those weeks where you brought home more than Jesus from the church nursery. One of those weeks where you desperately prayed that the sickness would go away & it didn’t. One of those week where you… Read more »

Love It List


In an effort to spread some love and show the power of positive thinking, here are the things I’m loving this week! Church visiting in an effort to find a home church family! The book of James. So much good stuff in here! Date Night! We celebrated a beautiful wedding with some friends! Our garden!… Read more »

Love It List & Showin’ Some Love Blog Hop!


So excited this week about a few things so I’ll start with my Love It List! In an effort to capture my thoughts, surround them with the truth of Scripture, and maintain a positive spirit in a negative culture, here are the things I’m loving this week… A beautiful day at the lake with my… Read more »

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Husband!


So excited to post about my awesome hubby’s birthday yesterday!! =) I just love him so much & he’s such a great husband/father that I was so excited to celebrate him. Aymen Grace has been cutting her first tooth so it’s hit or miss if any of us will get a good night’s sleep and… Read more »