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Braun® No touch + Forehead Thermometer Review


As parents, we definitely wish we could make things easier for our kiddos when they get sick. I’m excited to bring you another review this week for a product that should help you take better care of your little ones. The Braun® No touch + Forehead Thermometer (RV $69.99) is ‘the first thermometer to take professionally accurate temperatures with… Read more »

How to Wash Bottles In Less Than a Minute


Okay, confession time. My husband & I are self-proclaimed ‘No-Fuss Parents’.  We are go with the flow, try hard not to stress, don’t sweat the petty stuff kind of parents.  We LOVE and I mean, LOVE parenting hacks!! We’re willing to try anything to save time & money.  So when I got tired of washing… Read more »